Over the past 20 years, our sorority has grown to become a great resource for active sisters and Alumnae to network and facilitate professional growth. The Mentorship Program, initiated in 2005, allows each of us to utilize the vast industries and experiences that is available within one grounded familiarity, a deep rooted connection - sisterhood. Starting Fall 2014, in conjunction with the National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA), αΚΔΦ began using VineUp, an online platform to pair mentor/mentee relationships and to expand our growing online network.

As a graduated sister, you may recall your experience as an active or a newly graduate alumna, looking for guidance on next steps in your career. At that time, you may have benefited from speaking to Alumnae in your respective chapter. By leveraging VineUp and becoming a mentor to an active, associate sister, or fellow alumna, this will give you an opportunity to reach across our expanding organization and share your experiences and knowledge with a mentee who is eager to learn and grow.


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  • Why should I participate in the Mentorship Program?

    Why should I be a Mentor?
    ● Share with other sisters your unique experiences and expertise
    ● Foster a relationship with another sister
    ● Help a sister flourish in your respective career field
    ● Build upon your communication, coaching, education, and networking skills

    Why should I be a Mentee?
    ● Learn from your Mentor’s vast experiences and expertise
    ● Allow your Mentor to help you define your career goals and expand your network
    ● Build upon your communication and networking skills
  • Who is eligible for the αΚΔΦ Mentorship Program?

    Alumnae Sisters - Make the decision to become a mentor today; help guide more of our younger sisters to develop into leaders, to help them reach their aspirations and goals. Or if you are embarking on a second career, apply to be a Mentee to take advantage of our expansive Alumnae network to help your transition.

    Active & Associate Sisters – Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge held within our alumnae population. Make the decision to participate in the Mentorship Program and learn from the best leaders within our organization.
  • What is VineUp?

    The VineUp community is our fantastic resource full of international careers and information. Included are jobs and internships provided by our administrators, fellow graduates, and our partners. Once you register for VineUp, you are able to post job vacancies and internships to our community free of charge.

    The community is designed to support the sharing of skills and foster an environment that encourages mentoring relationships within our alumnae as well as communication between our actives and alumnae. Within the community, we are hoping to connect our brightest actives with alumnae, who may be able to spare a few minutes a month to share advice and tips online or inperson.

    Choosing to share your knowledge with our actives and fellow alumnae will help to provide our future world leaders with the best start that we could possibly wish for them.
  • How do I join the Mentorship Program?

    In order to join the Mentorship program, please click on the VineUp Enrollment link.

    On the main page you will have the options to register manually or you can connect via your Facebook or LinkedIn making registration and updating of your profile information incredibly easy.
  • How do I find a Mentor on VineUp?

    Once you enrolled for VineUp:

    1. Navigate to the People tab
    2. Search for available mentors by using work, education, skill, etc. filters (Mentors are denoted with a blue star on the top left corner of the profile)
    3. Once you find a Mentor who you would like to connect with, navigate to their profile and select Request Mentorship

    Remember, the Mentorship Program is Mentee driven and that mentees drive all communications and interactions between the pair.

For questions, please contact the NAB Professional Development Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..