Tram Vo

Co-Founder/Co-Owner of PaperCinemas

Chapter: University of Illinois, Chicago
Class/Semester: Alpha, Fall 1999
Major: Biochemistry
Tram Vo is the co-founder/co-owner of PaperCinemas, Chicagoland’s Flip Book Studio On The Go. PaperCinemas takes the basic functionality of the photo booth and brings it to the next level, adding a new element of fun, entertainment, excitement and uniqueness. Guests are invited to star in their very own 7 second video clip which is immediately transformed into their personalized 60 page flip book in about 90 seconds. By capturing a video clip, our flip books contain movement, dimension, essentially a story. It's the perfect size 3.5” x 2” x .5”, to fit inside your pocket and/or purse to share with others time and time again.

PaperCinemas was born because Tram wanted something that was extraordinary at her wedding. She realized that her options for this type of service in Chicago were limited. During the initial stages of PaperCinemas development, Tram picked the minds of other aKDPhi entrepreneurs to learn of best practices and their trials and tribulations as female business owners. It was awe-inspiring to see the success of her sisters. They started with a vision and followed through to pursue their dreams. Tram is fortunate to have an aKDPhi network to tap into for support in all my endeavors. aKDPhi has provided her not only with a strong support system, but also with a foundation to prosper in her professional life.