Haley Kim

Co-Founder of Haley's Gift

Chapter: University of Texas, Austin
Class/Semester: Eta, N/A
Major: Education
In January 2012, Haley Kim discovered a lump on top of her left breast by accident. Confirmation that it was breast cancer was completely a surprise to her as there was no family history of the illness. With the very real goal of wanting to see her young daughter Taylor grow up and have kids of her own someday, Haley decided to move forward with a double mastectomy. Emotionally, she was a mess - this journey was going to be tough.

At first, she struggled with acknowledging the cancer and admitting that she had it. But her line sister, Aviva, kept bugging her about doing a fundraiser where she would shave her head to raise money to help with the medical bills. Holding the fundraiser menat that the nightmare was real. but while she was mentally processing everything, Aviva's fundraiser had already snowballed into possible starting a non-profit organization! Haley decided that if she had to get cancer, then something positive had to come out of it.

Haley's Gift was born - their mission is to create a community of hope for young women with breast cancer by providing financial assistance toward their treatment and recovery.

While there are many efforts to diagnose breast cancer early through screening and education or eradicate breast cancer altogether through research and development, the purpose of Haley's Gift is to help the individual today. All funds raised by Haley's Gift will help pay expenses associated with the cost of breast cancer treatment for women aged 10 and under who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and who reside in the United States